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We try to be fair and reasonable in our pricing. Our commissions structure is as follows:

We do not generally collect commissions upfront. Instead, an invoice will be issued to you payable within 30 days. You pay us only when you get paid. After that, you collect 100% of the fees from parent/student without any commissions.

How It Works

  1. Login to Tutor Dashboard and complete the Tutor Checklist.
  2. Apply to the desired tutor job at Tutor Jobs.
  3. If accepted, we connect you to the tutee/parent and issue you an invoice for the commission, payable within 30 days.

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Tutor Job Listings

Tutor jobs are currently posted to the following channels:

  1. Jobs Telegram channel (recommended)
  2. Tutor Jobs (this website)

Tutor Requirements

  1. You must be based in Malaysia, whether Malaysian or non-Malaysian.
  2. You have own transport and are willing to travel to the client's location, or are able to conduct classes online.
  3. You have sufficient teaching capability and mastery of the material to be taught, i.e. you have what it takes to do the job.
  4. You are passionate about teaching, and are committed to showing up to classes consistently to teach.

Trial Class Policy does not dictate whether trial classes are paid or not. You should decide on your own policy, and ensure that the student is aware before making class arrangements.

Anti-Discrimination Policy does not filter tutors by race, religion, or nationality (as long as you are legally here in Malaysia). Everyone is free to apply. However, it is ultimately up to the parent or student to decide.

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We do not take tutor requests via WhatsApp.
Please use the form in our homepage.
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