For Tutors

No more complicated commissions structure based on predicting the future. takes a flat commission fee of RM150 or 30% of monthly job value, whichever is higher for every confirmed tutor job.

After that, you may engage with the client (parent/student) directly without any further involvement from

How It Works

  1. Fill the tutor job application form (available where you saw the posting, e.g. social media)
  2. Then, we will ask you to submit a tutor profile if you haven’t already (we will guide you)
  3. We notify you if parent has accepted or declined your profile. If accepted, we connect you to the tutee and issue you an invoice for the commission, payable within 30 days

Tutor Requirements

  1. You have own transport and are willing to travel to the client’s location.
  2. You have sufficient teaching capability and mastery of the material to be taught, i.e. you have want it takes to do the job.
  3. You are passionate about teaching, and are committed to showing up to classes consistently to teach.

Tutor Job Listings

Tutor jobs are currently posted to our two main official job channels. Join now!

  1. Jobs Facebook Group
  2. Jobs Telegram Channel

Anti-Discrimination Policy does not filter tutors by race, religion, or nationality (as long as you are legally here in Malaysia). Everyone is free to apply. However, it is ultimately up to the parent or student to decide.