Tutor Profile
Ms Yvonne
I’m working at Yamaha Music School as a piano Teacher with almost 4 years of teaching experience. At the meantime, I’m also a Private Piano Teacher with over 10 students up to Grade 8. I conduct piano practical and music theory lessons based on ABRSM syllabus.
Tutoring Methods / Style
I teach my piano students piano practical and music theory during piano lessons. I teach them Classical, Pop songs and others. I set monthly goal for my students and record piano lessons to monitor students progress towards goals. I aim to improve their piano playing skills by teaching them different styles of song, fingering exercise, sight reading, song analysis and others. I apply different teaching methods on each of my students based on their liking and needs as i teach all ages of student. I play piano games with my students to make sure that they are having fun while learning piano.
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