Tutor Profile
Miss Zuulaika
Hi, I have a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Master degree in Science. I also have A grade for subjects of Science, Add Maths, Modern Maths, Chemistry, Physics for my SPM and also PMR. For tutoring experience, I have experience in tutoring undergraduate student at UKM for Engineering subject for 1 year duration. I also been tutoring my closed family members for Mathematics and Science subjects for Primary school. I also can tutor various of subjects for SPM, PT3 or Primary school subjects.
Tutoring Methods / Style
My style of teaching is basically using short notes, mind maps and also doing past year question to improve the understanding of student. I also give lesson to students based on their preference on chapter they want to improve, and will advice them accordingly. I also will help them to summarize the notes that will help the student to have better understanding on the subject. I also will test the understanding of the student by giving them quiz based on past year question.
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