Tutor Profile
Sehar Saeed
It's been 12 years that I am associated with Industry and academia cum teaching. worked as a Lecturer and Director of Quality enhancement cell in the Faculty of Management Sciences in Hamdard University, Karachi, Pakistan since 2014 and right now working in UiTM as a Research Assistant and doing a Ph.D. in Business and Management. Before, I was working as a Brand Development Executive in Herbion Pharma 2013-2014. Whereas, teaching IGCSE/Foundation & Others basic courses since 2010 as tuition and coaching. The tenure of my lecturership persists with/ or teaching research methods, Sociology, Marketing and other business courses, along with SPSS hands on training and research projects. Also since I came here I have joined This is the reason that I have a firm belief that it is suitable for research and business student to associate with me and we can learn further, together.
Tutoring Methods / Style
Generally, I would like to teach with slides with some brief points and have more discussion-based classes. this will help students to learn real-life examples and learn a lot of new things. sharing books and material with authentic sources is also my job. therefore once a week or after completing each topic I prefer students to have a quiz or some kind of exam or assignment, which helps me in realizing the student's current situation of concentration and learning ability. This also helps students in developing confidence and they prepare themselves before the time reaches for semester-end or exams.
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