Tutor Profile
Kalai Selvi
I have a very friendly approach...n makes Maths easy...doesn't matter whether you are doing your degree nor high school Maths. I have the ability to make Maths easy to understand..easy to remember the facts and also easy to approach high end questions...this is what usually I heard from my students...I make sure nothing is impossible..n there is no such thing as initially a good students or bad. All depends on the student n teacher..n also in the methods. In my 14 years of experience...never seen a student fails..I only have seen tremendous improvement.
Tutoring Methods / Style
I always test my students check their way of thinking and style of learning. Each student are aim is only simple, attract them to Maths, teach easy methods, give them few methods for them to choose. Approach with various Levels of questions. Boost their confidence level.. make them to have the liking towards Maths..and finally give high end questions for them to try out and discuss..n continuously practice is the key
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