Tutor Profile
Nabila Binti Adam
Hi, I've Degree & Master in Maths. Currently work as a teacher in International School for Cambridge IGCSE Maths & Add Maths. I also do part time tutoring for IGCSE, SPM, A-level, Foundation, Diploma & Degree. I believe my skills and experiences can help the students to excel in their exams.
Tutoring Methods / Style
1. Questioning : to make sure the student actively involved by evoke responses rather than giving information. This will helps them to grasp the concept and memorize better. 2. Application: let the students to do the questions by their own to make sure they can apply what they have learned. 3. Online whiteboard: help the student to visualize key concepts. 4. The pause procedure: provides students with extra time in order to respond and produces more accurate answers than the average response given in haste.
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