Tutor Profile
I’m an Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering graduate from Monash University and I have been teaching the National Syllabus (PMR/PT3 and SPM) for the past 9 years since I was 19 years old. I have taught many students with different personalities that have differences in the aspects of level of understanding, difficulty in communicating, poor language skills and discipline problems. My exposure to these types of students have improved me to be a better tutor as I learnt how to manage students with different problems. For the past three years, I have also been teaching IGCSE students (Year 7 to Year 11).
Tutoring Methods / Style
For all subjects, a test or a short quiz will be provided to the students in the first class to gauge their level of understanding for some difficult topics for each subject. I have further elaborated my teaching methods for different subjects in the paragraphs below. For Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, I believe in application and understanding with example questions. I have noticed that the summary of formulae or notes provided to the students do not work as they always get confused when it comes to where to apply those methods and formulae. Therefore, my students will learn formulae through good examples. As we all know, practice makes perfect when it comes to solving mathematical problems. During class, it will be a continuous series of examples and exercises so that students are exposed to tricky and confusing questions while grasping on the theory behind all the steps involved. Quizzes will also be given to students after each chapter ends. For all Sciences (Science for lower secondary, Physics for upper secondary), the method of teaching differs slightly as compared to Mathematics. Science subjects involve a lot of understanding and the basics are very important so that students do not feel lost as the syllabus progresses. It has always been a practice of mine to have regular quizzes (more frequent than Mathematics) to analyse how well the student has understood the subject matter. As all science subjects have a mixture of objective, subjective, essay and experimental questions; the quizzes will be based on sample exam questions. This will help the students to slowly get used to the exam format questions. I usually break lessons by subtopics so that it is easier for the students to go back and revise rather than mixing up more than one subtopic at a time as it often confuses students.
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